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BLTouch V3 on the Creality3D CR-10S Pro

Creality recommends connecting white and black lines to Z+ and downloading the Creality firmware.

The BLTouch V3.x is enough just to install the jumper cap on the CR-10S Pro and it works well in Default(OD) and 5V Logic Mode. (including Smart V3.0 produced by April 4th, 2019)

This solution is complete and safe. You do not need to remove the capacity or add a pull-up resistor for the BLTouch installation in the CR-10S Pro.

Cause of problem:
When the inductive proximity sensor is removed from the Ribbon cable breakout adapter, 24V is kept at EL357N pin1 (Anode) through R8, so EL357N pin 4(Collector) is fixed LOW.

Install the Jumper cap between the Z-connector signal and  GND pin on the Ribbon cable breakout adapter.. It prevent the EL357N pin4(Collector) to fix LOW.

How to install the jumper cap:
Remove the inductive proximity sensor from the Ribbon cable breakout adapter for CR-10S PRO and install the jumper cap as like the picture.
This operation requires caution.


※ Never install the Jumper cap between the Z-connector 24V pin and the GND pin on the Ribbon cable breakout adapter.

CR-10S Pro Wiring:


See Schematic.
Using the 5V Logic Mode without the jumper cap installation may break BLTouch or EL357N.



We are very sorry and thankful.

We received the wrong information from one of our resellers and were very confused until we received the Creality CR-10S Pro. We wanted to solve the issue as soon as possible with the 3D printer specialist group, but it was not a complete solution because it was not a BLTouch issue from the beginning.  See here

It was a quick move for CR-10S Pro users, but it caused many versions to be released in a short period of time, confusing new customers. We're very sorry.

Recently we have found many activities that have supported us.
Thankfully, there were people who did our best to help us before we realized. Among them,
chunter1 and InsanityAutomation provided an absolute key(jumper cap) to the CR-10S Pro issue and freed CR-10S Pro users from the issue.

You can see their activities here.

Thank you very much for your support and professional opinion for chunter1 and InsanityAutomation and other supporters.

Fortunately, all V3, including the first V3.0, is working fine. They work exactly as we intended.

Thank you very much.

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