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We are selling BLTouch at the sites below. Please click the logos, and get your BLTouch!

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   Genuine BLTouch Reseller

You can get your BLTouch at one of the links below!

■ Australia

    ㆍAurarum (Ringwood, VIC)


■ Austria

    ㆍ3D Jake (Paldau)

■ Belgium

    ㆍ3DOnline (Fosses-la-Ville)

■ Canada

    ★Timeshell (Port Hope, ON)

    ㆍElectronicGeek (Montreal, QC)

    ㆍSpool3D (Calgary, AB)

    ㆍDigitMakers (Markham, ON)

    ㆍ3D Printing Canada (Hamilton, Ontario)

    ㆍEnvirolaser (Ottawa, Ontario)

    ㆍ3D lab tech (Calgary, Alberta)

■ China

    ㆍBIQU (Shenzhen)

    ㆍCreality (Shenzhen)     Online Store

    ㆍWANHAO (Hangzhou)     WANHAO.STORE

■ Cyprus

    ㆍFission 3D (Larnaca, Cyprus)

■ France

    ㆍ3D Modular Systems (Cergy)

    ㆍProtype 3D (Melesse)

    ㆍCompozan (Lyon)

■ Germany

    Filafarm (Berlin)

    ㆍanzado GmbH (Saarbrücken)

    ㆍLocxess Trading (VS-Villingen)

    ㆍYouPrintin3D (Karlsruhe)

    ㆍ2print3D (Uffenheim)

    ㆍ3D Prima (Norderstedt)

■ India

    ㆍ Botzlab (KARNATAKA)

■ Indonesia

    ㆍ3D Zaiku (Jakarta Barat)

    ㆍGUNATEK (Java)

■ Italy

    ㆍDYNAMO3D (Ancona)

■ Korea, Republic of

    ㆍ삼디몰 (Bucheon)

    ㆍMechaSolution (Daegu)

    ㆍ3D BOX (Incheon)

    ㆍChancetech (Seoul)

    ㆍ네오시스 N3D (Daejeon)

    ㆍ프린트보드 (Chuncheon)    ​

    ㆍ덕유항공 (Gunsan)    ​

■ Malaysia

    ㆍ3DGadgets (Cheras)

    ㆍSmith3D (Kuala Lumpur)

■ Netherlands

    ㆍMeer 3D (Roosendaal)

    ㆍReprap Universe (Brunssum)

    ㆍ (Almere)

■ Philippines

    ㆍB3D-Blanchard 3D (Cebu)

■ Poland

    ㆍBotland (Bralin)

■ Portugal

    ㆍ (CACÉM)


■ Romania

    ㆍReprapMania (BRAILA)

■  UK

    ㆍTechnology Outlet (LEICESTERSHIRE)


    ★3D Printer Universe (Daly City, CA)

    ㆍAlien3D LLC (Silver Springs, FL)

    ㆍMatterHackers (Ranch, CA)

    ㆍUltimate 3D Printing Store (Odessa, FL)

    ㆍMaker's Tool Works (Desert Hot Springs, CA)

    ㆍ3D Maker World (Overland Park, KS)

    ㆍ3DPrintingSurplus (Chesterfield, MO)

    ㆍQuantum3D (Kalamazoo, MI)

    ㆍPartsbuilt 3D (Millersburg, OH)

    ㆍPrinted Solid (Newark, DE)

    ㆍFilastruder (Snellville, GA)

■ South Africa

    ㆍ3D PRINTING STORE.CO.ZA (Centurion)

    ㆍDiYelectronics (Durban, KZN)

    ㆍ3Drone (Bartletts)

■ Spain

    ㆍ3D Printers Shop (Benagalbon, Malaga)

    ㆍFilament2print (Pontevedra)

■ Sweden

    ㆍ (Kimstad)

    ㆍRepRapPro AB (MALMÖ)

    ㆍ3D Prima (MALMÖ)

■ Switzerland

    ㆍ3D-Druckerzentrum (Haerkingen)

    ㆍ3DWare (Wolfhausen)

    ㆍ3D-PRINTERSTORE.CH (Weinfelden)

    ㆍ3D-Zone Meury (Laufen)

    ㆍBastelgarage (Kyburg-Buchegg)

■ Thailand

    ㆍT MAKE 3D (Bangkok)

If the product purchased from the following resellers is not a genuine, authentic product, please contact us promptly. 

For those resellers who are not on the list, please contact us separately.