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I can not find any Servo pin on my board.

         If your control board does not provide Servo Pin please change your code as below.

Please connect orange wire to the spare pin such as Endstops or Extensions pin (e. g : Xmax, Ymax, Zmax, etc.) and modify as following refer to pins_YourMotherboard.h

■ MKS-Base V1.2 Wiring

============== pins_RAMPS.h ===============

#define SERVO0_PIN 11

#define SERVO0_PIN 19 //BLTouch orange wire

MKS Base V1.2.PNG

■ mini-Rambo Wiring

============== pins_RAMBO.h ===============

#define SERVO0_PIN 30 //BLTouch orange wire


■ Rambo 1.1b Wiring

============== pins_RAMBO.h ===============

#define SERVO0_PIN 44 //BLTouch orange wire

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