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I can find a servo pin on my board.

■ RAMPS1.4 Wiring

Servo signal(orange wire) : D11 (SERVO0),  Zmin (white wire) : D18 (Zmin endstop)


■ RAMPS1.4 + External(additional) 5V power Wiring

※ Do not use jumper between VCC and 5V in this case.

In this case, it's safe because 5V of servo connector and VCC of RAMPS1.4 are seperated.

ramps1.4+external(additional)5v Power.PN

■ RAMPS1.4 + ATX power Wiring

​​In this case, 12V from ATX Power is supplied to 1117 regulator on Arduino through diode D1 on RAMPS1.4.

​The 1117 series Voltage Regulator in Arduino can operate with up to 20 V input.

​​Therefore Arduino can work well without USB. (Standalone with an SD card)​

ramps1.4+atx power.PNG
MKS gen V1.3.PNG

■ MKS-Base V1.4 Wiring

MKS Base gen V1.4.PNG

■ MKS-Base V1.5 Wiring

MKS Base gen V1.5.PNG
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